Home-made bread – first attempts (2)

I used exactly the same recipe as in the last post but, instead of doing the initial fermentation in the fridge overnight, I just let it happen at room temperature for a couple of hours. I cheated slightly – since it’s winter and the house is cool, I rested the clingfilm-covered bowl on the rug which covers my heated tiles on the conservatory floor. The rising was better and the dough hadn’t formed a tough skin. I think I’ve found the solution… I baked a single large loaf, rather than two smalls, because I wanted to get a decent sized slice for sandwiches. The small loaves gave biscuit sized slices, fine as far as they went (which wasn’t far).

Although Whitley’s recipes says the dough should be ‘the wetter the better’, and that a dry dough makes for dense bricks, I found the quantities he gave resulted in a rather dry dough to start off with. Given that the water seems to get absorbed (almost miraculously to me) in the kneading process, and that therefore the dough seemed likely to get drier still, I added probably an extra 20% of warm water to the initial mix.

Again, the dough came out as if it were not quite done, and I think the reason may be that …it was not quite done. It still tasted a bit, er, doughy. I will give the bread a bit longer in the oven next time. The rising was better, though a bit lopsided. I have noticed that my oven browns unevenly – even though it’s a fan-oven and shouldn’t.

Brown loaf, 2nd attempt


~ by jobes on March 3, 2008.

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