Milk Bread

Milk in the bread was meant to help soften the crumb. This loaf was part white, part wholemeal (I used Allinsons strong white & wholemeal flours). Milk aside, I made it in the same way as the large brown loaf – all in one process. I made a couple of little rolls with some of the remaining dough, which came out a bit flat. I think I may have left them to prove too long. Again, I had to add more water because the dough was dry. It was a curious experience trying to tie a knot in a piece of elastic dough that kept trying to go back to its old shape. It’ll be much easier next time. Apart from being a bit flat, I was pleased with the way the rolls came out.

I baked the loaf and rolls with seeds on top, but actually I found the seeds a bit irritating – they come unstuck and go all over the floor! I should have known – it’s why I don’t buy seeded bread at the shops…

I couldn’t quite appreciate the difference the milk made to the crumb, compared to my previous efforts: the bread came out properly done, and there was a change of flours; these two changes making a bigger difference to the end result!

Milk loaf Milk bread - roll


~ by jobes on March 5, 2008.

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