Still not quite right

Ho hum, back to square one. I followed all the trouble-shooting instructions. I allowed a scant 6 hours for the first proof, and about 3 for the second, and I had the same problem of sinking dough and separating crust.

Perhaps I let it rise too much in the second proof. After it had sat for two hours in the tin with no change in volume, I rather took my eye off its progress. When I came back an hour later it was fully risen. In my defence, I think I’m following the instructions meticulously: if the dough fills the tin to half way up at the start, it’s ready to bake when it’s almost at the top.

But it’s still coming out rather semi-detached. The only consolation was that the gap was (a bit) smaller this time. Frustrating!

The final suggestion in my book was to use a different make of rye flour. And since this loaf finished off the current bag, I shall try a different one next time (though there isn’t much choice). I’ve still got a couple of sourdough starters in the freezer which hopefully will kick back to life and save a week’s worth of nurturing.

I think I will have a go at making homemade yoghurt too, as the fermentation process is rather satisfying. Mr Yeast should be proud of me.


~ by jobes on May 20, 2008.

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