Lambs, logs and goats

Three local ventures have been exciting me this month.

The first is the local community farm, which is about to start selling its first lambs. I went along to a Saturday morning working party in the spring to help erect fencing for the arrival of the ewes, but I’ve been too stupidly busy over the summer to be able to go back again (or even to update this blog). Things are similarly hopeless until December, but I do plan to go back and help again. Honest.

The second is the delivery of several large sacks of firewood (ash logs, chopped, split and ready to burn) which the community farm are harvesting and selling as part of their clearance and conservation work. So together with all the kindling I cut this spring from the garden (lilac, hazel and hawthorn) my wood stove is stocked up for the winter. I’ve stacked it all under a tarpaulin outside. Ash is the so-called king of firewood and can be burned green, although this stuff was probably cut in the spring and looks pretty dry already.

Finally, a little advert went up in the local newsagent’s window for goats. A couple nearby has two herds of goats, in this village and in a neighbouring parish, and they are now offering goat meat for sale. I remembered the fabulous Jamaican goat curry I had when I was a student, and my sister the goat stews she enjoyed on holiday in Guadeloupe, so together with some local friends we may put in an order for a whole one. I wonder if they make goats’ milk cheese too?


~ by jobes on October 22, 2008.

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