New Year, new leaves, new brooms, and all that. And for the past year and a half, a new life. I’m now living much closer to the food I eat, and the people who produce it. It has become personal.

I used to find supermarkets a useful bore, convenient but sterile. It was comfortably impersonal, like being a Londoner on the Tube. Which I was. Now I live in earshot of sheep, and walk past apple orchards and cabbage fields, and the supermarket is utterly alien: I feel overwhelmed and bullied. So I got off the Tube, and into a muddy taxi where I chat with the driver.

This is my response, my awakening, my back-to-basics. You are what you eat. I don’t want to be characterless, remote, standardised, artificially preserved and cling-wrapped for freshness. I want to be knobbly.

The thoughts offered here may be half-baked – but at least I baked them myself.



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